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But my mother, you seem to be a little easier to accompany me on the road, your eyes seem to only my score, as if that is my whole value of the embodiment. Yes, I know the meaning of good grades, it will make me more loved and appreciated, it will make you more of the "Swordsman" Achievements and dignity, it will rewrite our family's situation and fate, it will make me more easily access to the world of material and spiritual enjoyment ... ... and so on. But grow up to see you after the sorrows and joys, I often feel so far away. What about you? Have you ever found me growing under the eyelashes, have more grievances? Have I found the footsteps of the faster and faster, there are more stagger? You know, I will be the middle of the night, speechless on the West floor alone, to see the moonlight as a hook? You know, I will break Che-hung, the railing shot, sigh, "no one will board the Italian"? Sometimes even to the rage, sky and shouts? Or even "too long to Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi, sad people's livelihood as much as difficult"?
You always told me that you love me like life, so I listen, I listen to you, do not ask him something, not greed pleasure, do not play cell phone, do not play volleyball, do not play my good guitar, do not look at my love martial arts ... ... I try to get a little higher and then a little higher, but the volume is difficult to have easy, the spirit of a Fen have decadent, there are mistakes when the test is lower than others, there are fate when teasing people. I remember the second day of the second semester in the math exam, 120 points I took 86 points, after returning home to tell you your face changed, not just you, my dad he knelt down thinking, I do not kneel him slap over, I look down on the ground, that night I knelt for two hours, but the next day the teacher told you that added me 30 points less, plus I was the first grade, home you have a hug I kissed again Pro, but my little heart Bingbing cool. Mom, I can not bear, this is my life can not bear the weight, you know?

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